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about 2 years ago

Free Xero socks to the first ten submitted apps!

Hi Hackers,

The Xero Developer team are excited to announce that the first 10 apps submitted to XDHax will get a free pair of Xero socks for each team member (up to 3 pairs).

Xero socks worn with black canvas shoes

Get your app in as there’s no time to waste! Apps are already being submitted.

Love socks but need more time? If that’s a little fast paced, you can also be in to win a pair just by joining our Slack Channel before August 10th 2018.

Lastly, congrats to the LedgerScope dev team who managed to find the first XDHax Easter egg in our code. Some socks are heading your way!


Happy hacking,

The Xero Developer team



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.